18ml Berry Intuitive


BREATHABLE 18ml: Treatment + Varnish together

Color: Fuchsia

No Base + TopCoat needed


  • Care & treatment of weak and damaged nails
  • Save time with the All-in-One Treatment + Color formula - no need for base and topcoat
  • Ease of application and accuracy thanks to the original GENIUS BRUSH π brush
  • Color duration
  • Optional extra shine by applying the Clear Color Breathable Treatment + Shine


  • Similar to contact lens technology, the advanced OxygenTechnology allows air and hydration to enter the nail.
  • The BreathableTreatment + Color line with ingredients such as Argan Oil, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C contributes to the improvement of hydration and the healthy growth of our natural nail.


  • Apply 2 coats of Breathable on clean nails after you have removed the oiliness of the natural nail

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